Sunday | October 21, 2018

2004, Seoul. Coming from Harbin, China, JANG Chen is a new breed of gangster who single handedly takes over a mob and becomes the most feared gangster in the city. He and his merciless gang are willing to do anything it takes for money. Ruthless detective MA Seok-do wields his powerful fists to maintain peace in his city. When MA notices JANG falls his district into chaos, MA and his ragtag group of detectives form a plan to get rid of JANG and his men for good.

The Outlaws

Local Release: 04 Jan 2018
Directed by: KANG Yun-sung
Starring: MA Dong-seok, YOON Kye-sang, CHO Chae-yun, CHOI Guy-hwa
Genre: Action / Crime
Language: Korean
Distributor: GSC Movies