Sunday | October 21, 2018

Chungen, is a quite reserved father but a more open and loving grandfather. He is very excited reuniting with his daughter and granddaughter after few years. However, some extraordinary things are happen in his life! The family quickly realise that the risk of forgetting the loving memory of a family member is terrifying.They learn that there is a nothing compares to the love of a close-knit family. Given the sudden changes thrust upon them, they choose to stand and fight. Regardless of the outcome, they conclude that as long as they stay together as a family, ultimately they can overcome any adversity! When we are together as a family, happiness will surround us!


Local Release: 16 Nov 2017
Directed by: Jess Teong
Starring: Tommy Tam, Tan Qin Lin, Debbie Goh, Shaun Tam
Genre: Drama / Family
Language: Mandarin
Distributor: GSC Movies