Wednesday | September 26, 2018


Petaling Jaya, 23 Nov – “The Kid from The Big Apple 2: Before We Forget” has achieved admirable results, with an opening week box-office of RM2.2 million, surpassing that of its first part “The Kid from the Big Apple” which was released last year.

 This sequel thrived in capturing audiences amidst stiff competition from the much-hyped Hollywood super hero blockbuster which opened on the same week. “The Kid from The Big Apple 2: Before We Forget” has made our local movies proud by garnering both good word-of-mouth and an admirable box-office results on its opening week. This is a good boost for the local film industry despite the low economic sentiment, and this heart-warming movie will continue to become one of the top picks this week as the school holiday kicks off.

The director Jess Teong and cast including Tan Qin Lin, Tan Jason, Kelvin Leong, Ling Tang and Lenna Lim were delighted to meet fans at the cinemas last weekend. The cinema visits lasted even through midnight shows, which saw waves of audience laugh and tear in the cinema halls. Cinema visits by the director and cast will continue this weekend (25 & 26 Nov) in East Malaysia, including Kuching and Kota Kinabalu.


“The Kid from the Big Apple 2: Before We Forget” stars Ti Lung (Tommy Tam), Tan Qin Lin, Tan Jason, Debbie Goh, Shaun Tam and Lenna Lim, and is currently screening in cinemas nationwide. This sequel continues from the first movie, where loving grandfather Gen reunites with his daughter Sophia and granddaughter Sarah after some years. However, something extraordinary happens and changes the course of their lives. Regardless of the outcome, they conclude that as long as they stay together as a family, they can ultimately overcome any adversity.

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