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28 Dec 2017

28 Dec 2017

This is a musical that deserves a standing ovation. A musical drama directed by Michael Gracey that revolves around the life of a famous ringmaster or showman called P.T.Barnum. Set in times of his life on how he became one of the most famous showman of his times during the 1800s, this is possibly one of the best depictions in celebration of his inspiring life of visions turning into a reality. This film stars Hugh Jackman, Zac Efron, Michelle Williams, Rebecca Ferguson and Zendaya.

The star studded cast was really magnificent, with all of them, truly bringing the characters to life. In recognition of their true ability, this movie took a lot of sequences and shots with patience by the directors to get the scenes down to every detail. Most of the scenes were done by the actors themselves, no doubles, but lots of practise and rehearsals to get everything right. The passion in their expressions and singing is truly amazing. Not forgetting the cast having to learn every song, line by line and as well as doing all the dance routines. Watch the behind the scenes reels online and you will know just how much effort was put into making each part of this movie gripping your emotions and senses deeply.


The production of this movie took 7 years and Fox hired one of the best song writers Pasek and Paul, who was also part of the team of LalaLand to execute this. The songs in this movie are simply epic, which also received nominations for Best Original Music, not forgetting Best Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy, and Best Actor – Musical or Comedy.

The movie starts off with young P.T.Barnum wanting to be something more than what his parents were and also falling in love with a girl who is lives a life filled with luxury. His dream is to give her a life he dreams of, filled with wealth and happiness. This is how the story starts off, and the rest, basically one is able to put it all down basically. A rags to riches story filled with disappointments and triumphs, this is one movie that may make you understand what life was about without the technologies of television or the internet. Circus and freak shows as they called it back then was the main entertainment for most people during the 1800s.


The biggest difference in a movie such as this, is that the directors and cast are able to keep you on the edge of your seats, to want to see more, and enjoy more of the movie with the characters developing around each other. You can almost feel the euphoria and also sadness as each part of this movie takes place. Not wanting to give much of the plot away, one is able to know about it anywhere online, however I must warn the viewers, there would be scenes that will touch your heart, tears may follow suit for some.

Do go and watch this movie, it is truly inspiring. We all have dreams, and sometimes a movie like this makes us reflect on what we could have or want to become. A movie for the young and old, a big clap for the people who made this movie happen. P.T.Barnum himself would have been proud, and some may say that he was a great showman of sorts, however as how he puts it, the smiles in his circus are real, so was ours when we watched this movie. Rating 5/5 stars. – mM








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