Sunday | October 21, 2018

poster (16)Peter Parker is back to his usual amazing self, and this film takes a different look to the previous Spider Mans. This being one of the most expensive ever ‘spidey’ movies, is the most anticipated Spider Man 2 and it takes a more human element of the character.

In this rebooted franchise, director Marc Webb takes a different angle to the cinematography with more computer generated graphics, and with many plots of Spider Man ( by Andrew Garfield ) from his past of his dad, tangled relationship with Gwen Stacy ( by Emma Stone ) , revisiting Harry Osborn ( by Dane Dehann ) and the baddie Electro ( played by Jamie Foxx ). The plot gets twisted with all characters crossing paths, that it take somewhat of your imagination of the coincidental circumstances on how each of them meet and move on to the next plot.

The movie starts with a flashback of Peter’s dad working on a project that caused his own assassination by the very people that employed him. The movie than swings into action right away with Spider Man working his ‘save the world attitude’ and of course catching up on Gwen who he ends up breaking up with again! The movie has some good elements of how Peter Parker is trying to live his life as being a person and a super hero. The twist comes when Harry is back into the picture and takes a different twist from Sam Raimi’s installment of Spider Man. For the ones that are not fully Marvel character followers, it could be confusing on what and why Harry became a villain or how it all started. Of course Stan Lee would have been a great addition to the film by saying more than his usual stuff, but he did make an appearance in the first ten minutes of the movie as always. So for the people that have never watched the earlier Spider Mans, this movie suits fine. For those that have followed the previous Spider Mans, be installed for a new reboot. Yup, that is the word for it, a new format, restart or whatever you may want to call it, but there would be 2 more sequels coming after this.

Not trying to spoil the delights of the movie, it is entertaining after all it is Spider Man, and for once he shows more character than previously. It takes a different angle that many may not find it so amazing, but the some of the scenes are really good, and the stunts are way different than previously. Too many coincidental circumstances that may end up being spoilers, needs to be looked at as ‘it’s just a movie!’. The part where they jump into a police car to beat traffic, well the city is already in chaos, and somehow a police car appears, and they use it to get to Electro just seems to ‘plotted’ for the sake of continuing the movie. Seems like Marc Webb, just included that as an after-thought somehow. The part where Peter throws all his dad’s belongings and a computer remote just disintegrates with quarters all flying everywhere, revealed exactly what Peter was looking for just seems really predicted. Later on, he conveniently finds exactly what ‘Roosevelt” meant.

The movie takes a different set form the usual Spidey sequels. It is all new, and one may need to relook at Spider Man differently, and Tobey Maguire is still the better Peter Parker somehow.

Rating 3/5. -iK

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