Wednesday | June 20, 2018

Xia Dongsheng’s schoolmate died of Acute Myocardial Infarction during morning exercise without any sign, which caused Xia Dongsheng’s deep anxiety. Xia Dongsheng recalled half of his boring life in the past forty years, his expectations to life suddenly stuck just like his prostate. In order to feel young and energetic again, Xia Dongsheng started his journey of “pursuing beauty”-chasing after a gorgeous girl, Nana. Even though he has never paid attention to any woman except his own wife in the past.The process will sure be embarrassing, but will he realize what he is doing finally and get his true life back?


Local Release: 05 Jan 2017
Directed by: Song Xiao Fei 宋晓飞, Dong Xu董旭
Starring: Xiao Yang 肖央, Yan Ni 闫妮,Xiao Shenyang 小沈阳,Qiao Shan乔杉, Ai Lun艾伦,Dai Lele 代乐乐, Clara 克拉拉,Chang Yuan 常远
Genre: Comedy / Romance
Language: Mandarin
Distributor: TGVP