Wednesday | September 26, 2018

“Papa, Come Home” tells the story of Tong Bo (Jack Lim), a drug addict who lives a dark life. His wife Wai Ling (Lenna Lim)who passed away due to sickness, decided to put their only son Tong Zai (Jayden Sow) under the custody of Tong Bo, in hope that their son can warm the heart of Tong Bo and use “love” to help his father “come home”.


Local Release: 07 Dec 2017
Directed by: Nick Wong
Starring: Jack Lim, Jayden Sow, Jieying Tha, Kenji Sawahii, Dato’ Norman Pang, Jack Yap, Lenna Lim, Zuraini Kassim, Prem Shanker
Genre: Crime / Drama
Language: Cantonese
Distributor: GSC Movies