Sunday | May 20, 2018

Can” and his three cop friends brought the worst shame to Thailand’s police force as they were unable to catch the robber in the latest news headline due to them being fat and slow. The four cops thus face penalty and was demand to shed weights through three months of intensive training courses to regain a better image of Thai’s police force. The training courses was much more exciting than they thought it would be, with “Meen”, a pretty Zumba dance trainer,added into the mission. The robber continues to run loose, robbing a hundred grand of dollars from a security van without leaving any traces. The four cops not only need to shape up, but to investigate the robbery at the same time. It’s three months of hilarity with the four cops trying to lose weight and fighting criminals. With the deadline approaching and the robber mystery remained unsolved, can the four cops overcome their one of the highest hurdle of their career?


Local Release: 16 Jun 2017
Directed by: Chanon Yingyong and Phuwanit Pholdee
Starring: Sarun Cinuvapala, Pramote Pathan, Suphachai Subprasert, Somyos Matures, Supavitch Nepremwattana, Nutjaree Horvejkul
Genre: Comedy
Language: Thai
Distributor: TGVP