Tuesday | September 25, 2018


  • OLM Asia Sdn Bhd is a part of OLM, Inc.’s expansion plan and Malaysia is chosen as its first establishment due to the country’s positive track record in championing the local animation industry on the global stage.
  • OLM Asia is open for recruitment at Comic Fiesta 2017 and will be organising an animation workshop as well. Interested applicants and participants are encouraged to attend.

PMSM_hoshigumo_Main_Pos_B2_FIXKUALA LUMPUR, 13 December 2017 – OLM, Inc. announced that it is incorporating OLM Asia Sdn Bhd as part of the company’s expansion plan, and Malaysia is chosen as its first establishment. OLM Asia will be the Head Company in Malaysia and is led by Hidehiko Kitajima as its President and Chief Executive Officer. This marks the opening of the first 2D Anime-style animation studio in Malaysia.

“Malaysia is the perfect starting location for OLM Asia because we believe that there are potential creative talent pools here waiting to be discovered. We have personally witnessed Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC)’s efforts in promoting Malaysia’s creative content scene, as well as the growing presence of known global studios in Malaysia. Because of this, we are confident that this country is the best place for us to start,” said Kitajima after the announcement. Kitajima will be joined by a team of veteran experts in Anime production.

“We are happy that OLM Asia has chosen Malaysia as its first step to expand outside of Japan. Soon enough, we will be seeing local contributions in the ever-growing Anime industry. I am positive that this announcement will excite many Anime fans in Malaysia and that OLM Asia will be pleased to work with our local talent pool. We hope that in the near future, OLM Asia will grow exponentially and emerge as a hub for Asia Pacific’s Anime productions looking to expand their businesses,” Hasnul Hadi, Vice President, Creative Content and Technologies, MDEC said when OLM, Inc. expressed their intentions to establish OLM Asia earlier this year.

The Anime market in Japan is continuously growing and the number of Anime creations by OLM, Inc. increases with it every year. However, the human resource for Anime artists is rather limited in Japan. OLM Asia’s focus will be set on training and working with more digital painters and multitalented animation artists that the digital animation industry largely depends on. They aim to become a one-stop centre delivering excellent Anime production services while producing brilliant animation talents groomed to be ‘Key-Frame’, ‘Background’ as well as ‘Composite’ artists at the same time.

The latest move by OLM, Inc. is fully supported by MDEC and both parties are looking forward to establish the Anime industry in Malaysia. To kick off OLM Asia’s opening in Malaysia, the company will be participating in the annual Comic Fiesta 2017 set to take place in Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre from 16 – 17 December 2017. Comic Fiesta is popular amongst fans of everything to do with manga and anime; gathering tens of thousands of participants ranging from comic artists, illustrators, cosplayers and fans of the culture each year. OLM Asia invites all to explore opportunities with them as well as partake in their Animation Workshop for a chance to experience first-hand the artistic development of Anime-style animation.