Tuesday | September 25, 2018

NIGHTCRAWLERThe movie is set in Los Angeles, where Lou Bloom, played by Jake Gyllenhaal (who was also in lead roles such as Zodiac, Prince of Persia ) accidently discovers the world of the high-speed world of L.A crime journalism. Recently Jake was also nominated for Best Cinematography for the film Prisoners.

The Nightcrawler is a story about a video crew that lurk around the streets of Los Angeles at night, looking for the next big scoop and offloading it to local TV station for the 6am news. The movie starts off with him having a scuffle with a guard at a scrap yard, and basically that defines his character in this movie. Possibly a psychopathic person, he will do whatever it takes to make a quick buck. One must not miss the start of this movie.

Lou’s first encounter with L.A. crime journalism was meeting by chance an experienced nightcrawler Joe Loder (Bill Paxton) who later became his biggest competitor in this blood thirst crime journalism sport. I call it blood sport as this movie is rated R for graphic content for a reason! In the sequence of the movie, Lou also gets his career moving with the help of Nina played by Rene Russo, a TV news producer who buys Lou’s first ever footage. Nina is not your everyday TV producer, her taste for blood and violence up close, garners Lou’s hunger for violent and gory footage. Expanding his grip to get better footages and coverage he hires Rick (Riz Ahmed), a homeless young man who obviously is desperate for a job.

Overall the movie was good but not fun to watch. It keeps you on your seat not because you are enjoying it, but to want to know how far will Lou cross the line to get to where he wants to be. The depiction of Lou in this film could possibly be one of Jake’s best alternate portrayals. Nightcrawler takes a shot at how life can be fulfilling at the expense of the victims. It will make you wonder on which side you may rather take to achieve your goal, should you be in Lou.

Rating: 6.5/10
– JL