Wednesday | June 20, 2018

The story revolves around three brothers , Big brother GUANGHUI ( money changers )all the years left alone in the home to take care of his elderly mother in Penang , while the other two brothers ,2nd brother GUANGYAO ( MLM funds plate game ) 3rd brother GUANG RONG ( put usury ) as early as 20 years ago to leave their home to Kuala Lumpur to work hard to make money , and both never returned home to eat a festive dinner in the past 20 years leaving behind their worried mother ; brothers until recently hampered by career happened and informed dad in money foreign died left a legacy of three brothers to be allocated to them why they decided to return home ” division of the property .” Subsequently, the brother and the third brother accidentally discovered that someone dilapidated home to a high-priced acquisitions , so they decided to move back to Penang to leave together when filial son, during more to persuade the boss to sell the house , but what the boss refused ; reason is to circle the father’s wish: keeping the house for family to reunion !


Local Release: 02 Feb 2017
Directed by: Bryan Gao Jian
Starring: Datok Laiming, Henry Thia, Jovi Theng, Puie Heng Chen
Genre: Comedy / Family
Language: Mandarin
Distributor: NA