Thursday | July 19, 2018

Revolutionizing the cinematic experience for all types of movie-goers


KUALA LUMPUR, 6 April – MBO Cinemas is proud to introduce its latest offering at The Starling mall, featuring three special movie halls: MBO Kecil, MBO Big Screen, and MBO Premier.

From its humble beginnings in 2005, MBO Cinemas has since expanded its operations to offer 191 digitalized projectors in a total of 26 cinemas nationwide. The new cinema at the Starling continues this trend by infusing openness, innovation, and luxury to deliver only the best experience for one of Malaysia’s favourite pastimes.

Starting off the new line-up at the Starling is MBO Kecil, a concept hall that expands a vision of the cinema space as a medium for togetherness by catering to parents and their children from all ages and sizes. With elements like Kecil Sofabed, bean bags and a playground inside the cinema, MBO is pioneering the effort to change the way families interact at the movies as opposed to the traditional cinema environment. Kids will flourish more than just their imaginations by being allowed to run free and play to their heart’s content, all whilst enjoying their best-loved films.


As for the more initiated movie fans, MBO Big Screen jocks up its arsenal of screens with state-of-the-art technology courtesy of a recent partnership with BARCO. Their flagship laser RGB projector, the first of their kind in Malaysia, brings cutting-edge image quality to the big screen with outstanding 2D brightness, high contrast, and superior colour performance. These larger than life screens coupled with DOLBY ATMOS’s rich, realistic sound will allow audiences to step into another world without even leaving their seats.

Whether if it’s to impress a date or a reason just to pamper yourself, MBO’s most intimate hall, MBO Premier is embellished with details that provide for a luxury cinema experience, including a reclining sofa leather chair with a movable table facing a wall to wall screen in a state-of-the-art cinema hall. We want people to enjoy Premier every day, so we made all this possible under a very accessible ticket price. Audiences are guaranteed to be delighted with a cinematic experience of high-end comfort and style, so much so that they’ll forget they’re sitting in a theatre!

No movie night is complete without the customary popcorn and soda, although MBO is breaking tradition even on this front with its introduction of Cafecito – a unique coffeehouse themed concession stand serving fancy beverages and light snacks. There’s no better way to debate film theory and the actors’ performances than with a refreshing cup of coffee in your hand, or better still a yummy strawberry milkshake.