Sunday | October 21, 2018

kristyA movie directed by Oliver Blackburn moves around a campus where everyone has left for Thanksgiving holidays. This movie is about a cult group that identifies every young teenage girl that fits the profile of a ‘Kristy’ girl and sets out to murder them for pleasure. Without much of a reason for murder, the plot is rather simple but yet a little cliché.

Main actress Haley Bennet as Justine is possibly the only actress worth looking at in this thriller movie. It starts with a college campus that is deserted due to the holidays, with two security guards standing watch over the grounds. Of course, Justine is doing her usual routine of trying to kill boredom by keeping herself busy in and around the campus.

Director Oliver Blackburn manages to give you a sense of emptiness in the entire campus, and the feeling of what would you be doing if you were Justine. Yeah, she has her cellphone and trusted internet to keep her connected with the rest of the outside world, as well as her boyfriend that had to simply disappear for family holidays. Lucas Till that plays Aaron as Justine’s boyfriend, probably had a very short supporting role as he left for family holidays, and returned back as he found out that Justine was all alone in the campus, and he got killed when he returned back trying to locate Justine. Sorry if I had to spill the beans on that, though he was quite decent looking for a supporting role, that lasted probably 15 minutes in all.

After 30 mins into the movie, you will sense that it is all guarded and all, however Justine decides to leave the campus to get an ice cream in a friend’s BMW. She had to choose a time which was late at night just before the campus gates are closed. What is odd is that the drive out to get an ice cream is quite a distance, and on a lonely deserted dark road with only a gas station that is operating. How everything seems to fall in place so nicely for the story line. Inside the gas station, Justine meets this weird psychopath chic played by Ashley Greene who is Violet in this movie. She is a real good looking chic to be in this role however in comparison to the other movies of Breaking Dawn, Twilight and others. Yes, you would not notice that it is her as she is constantly in a ‘hoodie’ tshirt. This is where all the horror starts, where Justine is followed back to the campus by Ms. Psychopath Violet.

The movie is pretty good in cinematic filming in some sequences, especially in the earlier parts. The cast acted well in their characters, but the script was too simplistic, and the actions seemed so predictable to get killed, be killed or instantly killed by the cult group led by Violet. Justine is the eventual hero in this movie. Not much can be said about the rest of the plot, but you will notice that you would be able to predict the next thing that happens in this movie such as when the phone lines would be cut, internet doesn’t work, lights completely blown out, car wouldn’t start, and many others along those lines. Imagine if you were telling everyone around you, to not go outside as there are people out there who are going to kill you, and guess what, they actually step outside to see what’s going on! Naturally, this movie is lacking the thriller bit, though cast is young and refreshing, it seems like the producers added stuff along the way to make each section fit for the order of the movie.

Go for it, if you are easily terrified of people chasing you around an abandoned college campus. Otherwise, you may want to go watch Twilight again.

Rating 5.5/10