Tuesday | September 25, 2018


In simplicity, if you wanted a high action power pack kill them all movie, this is definitely the movie for you! John Wick, a retired assassin played by Keanu Reeves, a loving husband who is grieving for his lost wife, a legend in the super-secret crime underworld of New York City, known for his brutality while getting his job done where no men are able to succeed. John Wick is the man they send to kill the boogie man! The storyline is rather direct which is a mind blowing muscle crunching explosive pack drama depicting how this one man named John Wick seeks revenge with Russian mobster.

It all started when John Wick’s entire world collapsed when his wife died. The passing of his wife, made him hang up his guns and as a passing gift, he received a beagle dog from his wife as her last gift. John’s peaceful life was interrupted by Iosef Tarasov played by Alfie Allen when John refused to sell his 1969 Mustang to him. Iosef is the son of Viggo Tarasov played by Michael Nyqvist as the vicious Russian mobster boss. Iosef and his henchmen then broke into John’s home, beating him unconscious, stole his car and the worst of all killed his dog. As a consequence, this awakes the beast in John as the puppy not only represents his beloved wife it was also the final line to keep his sanity. From then on, it was total annihilation of the Russian mob with car chases, gunfights with John practically holding a weapon his hand the entire movie running around New York City seeking redemption.

Well having a name as a movie, it will remind you of the days of Charles Bronson’s or if you are in the later era such as The Punisher or Die Hard I, II, & III. One has to like Keanu Reeves, before you can appreciate this movie. Unlike some of his previous performances in The Matrix or Man of Tai Chi, the fighting style of John Wick is comparatively raw. It is swift but rough, more like feisty fist fights then perfectly executed ‘bullet time’ ( where the fight scenes are slowed down and you can dodge bullets!). Most of the fighting sequences are accompanied by gunfights with lots of guns involved and endless supply of bullets which looks pretty believable ( could be largely due to large pockets with extra gun clips! ).

It is amazing that there are cartels or huge criminal societies in New York City which the filmmakers created. They have managed to create an underworld system base on an entire different set of rules and even currency. For instance, the only currency that they recognize is gold coin, and if you have killed someone there is a number that you can call to actually get a cleaning crew to clear the mess up for you, it is as simple as making a reservation at your regular restaurant (seriously??). The most enchanting part of this underworld I would say would be The Continental hotel. The Continental is high class hotel run by Winston played by Ian McShane. The hotel serves as a hub and act as a neutral ground for all the elite criminals. The Continental has ethics and unwritten code of law, where no killing should be conducted within the premises. Watch the movie and sees who breaks that code of law!

Keanu Reeves in this movie brings back the greatness in his fight scenes from The Matrix, cool cut expressions from the 47 Ronin, and of course his talent for acting as the hero in the Man Of Tai Chi. Fight sequences will keep you gripped to the seat, and makes you want to punch the Russian mobster yourself. Highly entertaining and it is a good movie for a weekend in the cinema. Do not bring your kids to this movie!

Rating: 8/10
By Jian Nin

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