Tuesday | June 19, 2018


MAY 2017


Cartoon Network (Astro Channel 616)


UNCLE GRANDPA | Premiere Episodes

Starts 1st May, weekdays @ 9.15am

Uncle Grandpa is a magical uncle and grandpa to everyone.  He travels around the world in an RV on a mission to help everyone he meets! Watch Uncle Grandpa embark on hilarious adventures as he tries to help Cupid, who is too lonely to perform his Valentine’s Day duties and a cat who is afraid to take baths. If that’s not enough, Pizza Steve and Mr. Gus compete in the RV Olympics!


LAUGHTERNOONS| Bigger & funnier than ever!

Starts 1st May, every day from 4pm

Laughternoons is now bigger and funnier than ever, with more laughter, that’s what we’re after! Tune in for back-to-back belly laughs, with a fun and fresh new look and bundles of brand new funny stuff, featuring new episodes of your favorite comedy shows such as Mighty Magiswords, Adventure Time, The Powerpuff Girls, We Bare Bears, Ben 10 and a lot more! To extend the fun, Laughternoons will now be shown on weekends from 4pm! Laughternoons, where the funniest stuff lives on Cartoon Network!


CLARATHON | Mother’s Day Weekend, Clarence Marathon

Saturday 13th May – Sunday 14th May, weekend from 10.30am

The Clarence weekend marathon kicks off with brand new episodes, including a special Mother’s Day themed episode ‘Karate Mom’ on Sunday 14 May (Mother’s Day). In the Mother’s Day episode Clarence’s mum Mary gets talked into joining a Martial Arts class after she surprises Clarence with lessons. She loves the slow-paced lessons in discipline and control, but Clarence just wants to have fun and kick butt! Watch Mary try and convince Clarence to stick with the class, earn his belt and have some fun with her.


POWER UP YOUR MAGISWORD | Mighty Magiswords Marathon

Saturday 27th May from 10am

Prohyas and Vambre are siblings who are ‘Warriors for Hire!’ watch as the duo embark on hilarious adventures and crazy quests across their world to collect magical swords – if you have the MagiMobile app, you can collect them too! Swords featured in new episodes include the Floppy Pancake Magisword, the Zombie Pumpkin Magisword and the Carnivorous Plant Magisword! If that’s not enough, you can collect or power up your Magiswords on 27th May, we’re featuring 15 episodes back-to-back!



Continues weekends @ 9.30am

Ninjago: Hands of Time explores themes of duality. Father and Son. Brother and Sister. Brother and Brother. And of course, Master and Student. But Hands of Time is also the journey to learn how the past doesn’t determine our future. For Wu, that means undoing old mistakes, while for Kai it is a question of discovering a once-hidden truth about his parents and what that means for his destiny.




Available 1st May

Muscleman owes Mordecai and Rigby a favor so he agrees to cover for them babysitting Thomas, Death’s son. What he later realizes is that if he Thomas doesn’t get enough sleep, there will be grave consequences. Available on www.cartoonnetworkasia.com.



Available 1st May

Uncle Grand vs Aunt Grandma is a/an vertical runner game where you must beat Aunt Grandma to progress to the next lap. Available on www.cartoonnetworkasia.com.



Available 1st May

When they gotta do what they have to do as groundskeepers, it’s time to take out the lawn mower! Available for free on Watch and Play.


BILL & TONY | CN Anything

Available 1st April

Focus on the two buddies. Available for free on CN Anything

Untitled-10SUPER SLIME BLITZ| Brand New Game

Available 1st May

Climb the ultimate obstacle course in SUPER SLIME BLITZ!  COLLECT 30 CHARACTERS! Unlock 30 amazing characters from The Amazing World of Gumball! Collect them all, including Gumball, Darwin, Anais, Banana Joe, Carrie, Penny, Ocho, Tobias, and more! TEST YOUR SKILLS!

Are you quick like a ninja or will you wipe out? Take on a mountain of super crazy, slime-covered obstacles. Climb as high as you can while dodging spikes, lasers, ice, and lava cannons! WIN AWESOME PRIZES! Cash in your coins for a shot at the prize machine. Earn special level boosts, like bonus coins, bubble shields, and a power punch! Plus, you can add style to your climb with 30+ custom trails. How high will you climb? Find out in Super Slime Blitz! Available for free on Google Play or the App Store (ad-supported).