Sunday | October 21, 2018

The story is described about the relationship among five brothers that include friendship, greed, betrayal, revenge. This is basically a story happened in a day. Beginning in twelve years ago, a group is made up of five people in the team is preparing to armed robbery at a store. They are Ah Tak (leader), Gang Gou (Ah Tak’s brother), Goh Wong, Ah Cai and Wah Zai. Before take action, Ah Tak told everybody must be careful, it is best not to hurt, remember back and forth with five people, no one can be left behind ! The relationship among five of them are very strong and rigid, because they grew up in the same orphanage at an early age, but also in the same school. They do everything together… Wah Zai is the most cowardly, so he in charge of driving. Ah Tak led them to intrude a gold store, but unluckily they get discover by nearby police, fire fighting happened on both sides.In the chaos of bullets, Ah Tak orders his brothers to run away from this battle when he is running. When Ah Tak return to the car, he just realize nobody after him. Wah Zai was very afraid and he called Ah Tak just run away with him without others, but Ah Tak is a person who emphasize on code of brotherhood, he did not leave with Wah Zai, yet he go back to the gold store to save his brothers. At this time, a pregnant woman, with a little girl, accidentally shot by a stray bullet then fell on the ground, blood everywhere. The little girl was crying and she request help from Ah Tak. He felt relented and slowly put down his gun and surrender,the others three brothers was dumbfounded by his reaction. Four of them were arrested by the police! Ah Tak is the leader, so he was sentenced to prison for 12 years, and three other people were sentenced to ten years. 12 years later, Ah Tak leaves from prison. Gang Gou, Goh Wong and Ah Cai come to fetch him and told him Wah Zai is now a rich businessman. They hope that Ah Tak can take revenge on Wah Zai to take back the gold which originally should owned by them. Whether Ah Tak will take revenge with Wah Zai with a series of blood battle? The what is the fate of these five brothers after this?


Local Release: 21 Dec 2017
Directed by: Silver
Starring: Eric Lin, Bernard Hiew, Hanz Koay, Sky Kang, January So, Sherlyn Seo
Genre: Drama
Language: Cantonese
Distributor: MM2 Entertainment