Wednesday | September 26, 2018

bighero6Big Hero 6 is produced by Walt Disney Animation Studio released by Walt Disney Pictures. This is the first time that an animated 3D computer animated film is featuring characters from Marvel Comics. Working alongside Pixar to produce the animated visuals, the movie is stunning with crisp and clear graphics along with great cinematic sequences. It was a great pleasure to see little Mickey Mouse in black and white in the opening screen title. Could not see any hidden Mickey’s later, but if you do spot one on do post it on our comments section.

The movie tells about a young robotics prodigy named Hiro Hamada that forms a team of superheroes comprising of nerds from his work place to find the masked villain that killed his brother, Tadashi Hamada. Directed by Don Hall and Chris Williams, it is the 54th animated feature in the Walt Disney Animated Classics series. From the producers of Wreck-It-Ralph and Frozen, this movie is a good superhero-comedy film that will keep you entertained in the funny and sad areas of your emotions. Set in a portmanteau of San Francisco and Tokyo called San Fransokyo, the city is full of lights, energy and a truly ultra modern metropolitan. The imagination of its designers and creative division really put a lot of effort in rationalizing how a possible dream city should be and look like. A mix of Western and Asian culture into one city made this animated series a truly unique one.

The plot is quite simple, but yet entangles your mind into a mirror looking effect of what would you do if you were in the same boat. Hiro Hamada’s voiceover by Ryan Potter, is seeking to find ways to make his life fulfilling and one of the methods was by going robot fighting. A genius in robotics, he made a kind of robot that would be able to take on other robots in underground gambling robot fights. This is where his brother Tadashi Hamada voiceover by Daniel Henney, saves Hiro from the underground world of robot fighting and to join him in a research institute specializing in robotics. This is where Hiro met Tadashi’s colleagues of Fred ( voice by T.J Miller ), Go-go Tomago ( voice by Jamie Chung ), Wasabi ( voice by Damon Wayans Jr. ), Honey Lemon ( voice by Genesis Rodriguez ) and Baymax ( voice by Scott Adsit )

Not wanting to give much of the plot away, the main star of this movie is actually about Baymax, a personal healthcare companion robot that is made of an inflatable material. Something looking off the rack of a Toys’R’Us store, this robot, learns about being part human with the ability to feel emotions. Right of course after downloading it from the internet! Hiro was able to teach Baymax some kung-fu moves, and teaching him how to be his companion. Baymax’s character depicted in this film is candid, and yet almost human like. The producers were able to set the movie in a very realistic fashion with the technology available today as reference. During the movie, you will be glued to the big screen as it is a very entertaining story with drama, action, humor and sadness on the fragility of life. Please do go watch this movie, it is really that good!

Rating: 9/10
By Ian Khong