Sunday | October 21, 2018

A romantic adventurous love story happened between two people from different background during Durian season. Keong, forced by his employer to find the most special species of Durian, where finally he found it in a small village. He decided to write a letter to the tree’s owner, Anggun who is a national minority but living in town. Her car breakdown during the journey to hotel after meeting with Keong. Thus she decided to car pool with Keong. The next day, both of them lost in the jungle during seeking for Anggun’s family background. The villagers found them and realize that they are friends of Anggun’s father. They tell Anggun about her forebears and their previous hard lives. After all, Anggun was told that her father buried under the durian tree, and Keong decided to give up in buying the tree’s ownership.


Local Release: 26 Oct 2017
Directed by: David Liew
Starring: Gina Wong, Rain Lee, Amit Joyo A/L Bah Chu Hong, Alang A/L Bah Kang
Genre: Drama
Language: Mandarin
Distributor: MM2 Entertainment